How do I place an I-Share request?

Log into your JKM/I-Share account. Instructions are available here.

Ensure that you're searching the I-Share catalog by clicking on the 'All I-Share libraries' radio button or pull-down menu option.

Search the I-Share catalog using the All fields, Title, Journal Title, Author, Subject, Call Number, or ISBN/ISSN indexes, and discover an item that you wish to request. As eResources cannot be shared among I-Share libraries, you may wish to limit your results by selecting the 'Hide eResources to which I don't have access' option.

Click on the title link in order to retrieve the full record, and a list of all the I-Share libraries that include the title in their holdings (located under the Holdings tab).


To request that title, click on the 'Select from I-Share libraries' button. The system will search through the libraries that own the item to discover one where the item is available. If you have not yet logged in, the system will prompt you to log into your JKM/I-Share account. Note that the system does not support requesting items from the JKM collection.

If the item is available from another I-Share library, the Request This Item popup will appear, prompting you to select the pick up library (i.e. which library at which you wish to pick up the item), the pick up location (some libraries may have more than one), and the date after which the item is no longer needed (default is 30 days from today). For JKM patrons, the default pick up library is JKM Library Trust, and the default pickup location is Circulation Desk.


If you wish to pick up the item at a location other than JKM, use the pull-down menu to select the I-Share library at which you wish to pick up the desired item. If the selected library has more than one pick up location, you have the option of selecting another location other than the default. You may also decrease/increase the No longer required after date, using the (MM-DD-YYYY) format.



Click on 'Place Request.' If your request was successful, the system will respond:

If your request was unsuccessful, one of various reasons is possible; e.g.:

  • some items may circulate only locally; i.e.: must be used on the premises
  • the item is damaged, fragile, etc., and does not circulate
  • the item is considered rare, unique, etc., and is shelved in a special collection

If the item you want is part of a mult-volume set, select each volume separately when placing the request; only one volume can be selected at a time.