New books

Recent additions to the collection
Preaching the Atonement
Wright, Stephen I.
Trusting what you're told
Harris, Paul L.
Making a welcome
Johnson, Maria Poggi
Baptismal imagery in early Christianity
Jensen, Robin Margaret, 1952-
Biblical hermeneutics
Porter, Stanley E., 1956-
A journey of grace
Chilstrom, Herbert W., 1931-
Justification is for preaching
Bayer, Oswald, et al.
The salvation of atheists and Catholic dogmatic theology
Bullivant, Stephen Sebastian, 1984-
Paul and Judaism
Bieringer, R. (Reimund)
The church's healing ministry
Atkinson, David John, 1943-
Process theology
Epperly, Bruce Gordon
Getting here from there
Miles, Margaret R.
Christian ethics as witness
Haddorff, David W.