Closed carrels

Revised 1 September 2016

Closed carrels, designed for quiet research and study, are available at the JKM Library primarily for

  • Ph.D. students; and,
  • Th.M. students

in that order.  Any remaining closed carrels may be assigned to:

  • LSTC and McCormick adjunct and emeritus faculty
  • LSTC and McCormick regular faculty on sabbatical leave
  • Visiting scholars and dignitaries affiliated with LSTC or McCormick.

Library staff assign closed carrels for the duration of an academic year at the beginning of the fall semester. In August, the Associate Librarian for Public Services will solicit the registrars of the two schools for a list of those students who are eligible to apply for a closed carrel.  JKM's Administrative Assistant will then distribute via email the application for a closed carrel.  The email will detail:

  • how closed carrels are assigned; and,
  • JKM's policy on closed carrel use.

Students must submit the completed and signed application in person and in hard copy to the Administrative Assistant. In her absence, applicants should submit their applications to the Associate Librarian for Public Services.

Applications by Ph.D. students must be received by 4:30 pm of the Friday of the first week of the academic term, and will be processed in the order in which they are received.  Staff will endeavor to ensure that all Ph.D. students who desire access to a carrel are assigned one. Any remaining available closed carrels will be assigned to those interested Th.M. students in the order in which their applications were received by staff.

When an applicant submits his/her completed and signed application to the Administrative Assistant, she will charge the key to the applicant's  JKM account. If a carrel user graduates or decides he/she no longer needs access to a carrel, the key should  be returned in person to the Administrative Assistant.

JKM's policy on closed carrel use

Carrels may be used only when the JKM Library is open. All carrel users must leave the library at closing time.

Closed carrel keys are checked out to a user's library account for a year. At the end of the year, the key must either be renewed or returned to the Administrative Assistant.

If a carrel user loses their carrel key or fails to renew their carrel, the replacement cost is $75.00, payable to the JKM Library. Upon return of the key or renewal of the carrel, the $75.00 replacement cost is waived

The sharing of carrels is strongly discouraged.

No non-circulating library materials (e.g., current or bound periodicals, reference materials, microform, dissertations, project-theses, etc.) may be stored in a carrel.  All circulating library materials must be checked out at the circulation desk before being stored in a carrel. JKM Library reserves the right to check closed carrels periodically. A user receives one warning if any non-circulating/non-checked-out material is found in their carrel. If there is a second occurrence, the user will be asked to remove their materials from the carrel and the carrel will be reassigned.

JKM Library assumes no responsibility for any items lost or stolen from a closed carrel.