New books

Recent additions to the collection
Democracy remixed
Cohen, Cathy J., 1961-
Ethics : a liberative approach
De La Torre, Miguel A.
Gods of the Mississippi
Pasquier, Michael.
Greco-Roman associations
Kloppenborg, John S., 1951-
Pathologies of power
Farmer, Paul, 1959-
Sister citizen
Harris-Perry, Melissa V., 1973-
"In a single garment of destiny"
Baldwin, Lewis V., 1949-
Changing horizons
Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth, 1938-
Common English Bible Gospel parallels
Bible. N.T. Gospels. English. Common English. 2012.
Science and faith
Haught, John F.
Navigating the deep river
Smith, Archie, 1939-
Of games and God
Schut, Kevin, 1974-
Pluralism and freedom
Monsma, Stephen V., 1936-
Political melodies in the pews?
Moody, David L., 1957-
Scriptural interpretation
Sarisky, Darren
The secret epidemic
Levenson, Jacob