Fines and fees at the JKM Library

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Library borrowers are responsible for all materials charged to their library account and for either returning them in good shape or for renewing them on or before the due date. Borrowers can log into their JKM/I-Share account and renew materials here.

JKM Library does not charge fines for overdue regular circulating materials.  However, if regular circulating materials are not returned or renewed within 29 days of the due date, the online circulation system will automatically contact the borrower via email that the overdue materials are considered lost. The online system will issue an invoice for the lost materials (replacement costs begin at $75.00) and block the borrower's account. When a borrower's account is blocked, they cannot check out, renew, or request any library materials until the overdue materials are either returned or renewed. When the borrower either returns or renews the overdue materials, the replacement costs are waived and his/her library account is unblocked.

I-Share materials

Each I-Share library determines its own overdue fines/fees policy. Fines/fees owed to another I-Share library are payable to that library and cannot be cleared by JKM staff.

Interlibrary loan (i.e.: non-I-Share) materials

Because we depend upon the generosity of other libraries to share their materials with the understanding that their materials will either be returned on time or renewed before the due date, JKM will charge $1.00/day if materials are not returned to us within 3 days of the due date.

Replacement charges for lost or damaged materials

JKM Library also considers materials lost if:

  • the borrower cannot locate the item charged to their account; or,
  • in the assessment of JKM staff, the extent of damage to an item precludes repair. Materials which have mildewed, even after being slightly damp, cannot be repaired as mildew from one item can infect other items.

Replacement costs of lost or damaged items begin at $75.00 and increase according to the cost of replacing the material. While this may seem like a extraordinarily high amount, the $75.00 covers actual replacement costs. Labor ($35.00 on average), barcodes, anti-theft devices, labels and shipping must be added to the retail cost to ascertain the real cost of replacing the item. $75.00 is an estimated minimum of real costs. For example, if the retail cost of an item is $100.00, then the replacement cost is $135.00. JKM Library does not accept replacement copies of lost or damaged items.