How do I renew an item?

Some prefatory information about renewals:

  • Contact us at 773.256.0739 or if you have any questions or have difficulties renewing materials.
  • The number of renewals available to you depends upon the category of borrower to which you belong (i.e.: masters-level, advanced degree, adjunct, faculty, alumni, etc.). A description of all categories of borrowers is available here.
  • You can renew an item up to 29 days after it becomes due; after 30 days, the circulation system declares the item lost and you'll need to contact the lending library  to renew the item; a list of contacts for all I-Share libraries is available here. The new due date is calculated either from the date you renewed the item or when the item became overdue (so you could renew an item and it could still be overdue).
  • JKM circulation staff cannot renew materials checked out from other I-Share libraries.

To renew an item borrowed from JKM or any I-Share library

To renew an item borrowed from JKM or any other I-Share library, there's no need to contact the library's circulation desk; instead, you can log into your JKM/I-Share account and renew the item yourself, assuming 1) you haven't used up your maximum number of renewals; and/or, 2) the item has not gone overdue for more than 29 days.

Log into your JKM/I-Share account here with your 14-digit JKM barcode number and your last name.

Click on 'Checked Out Items' on the right-hand side of the screen. A list of 'Your Checked Out Items' will appear:


Select those items you wish to renew by clicking on the box on the left, and click on 'Renew Selected Items.' Or you can click on the box to the left of 'Select Page" and then click on 'Renew all items.'

If the item can be renewed, the new due date will appear as well as the message, 'Renewal Successful.'


If the item cannot be renewed, the message, 'This item could not be renewed. Not Renewed' will appear. An item may not be renewed if you have reached the maximum number of renewals or you have a block on your account. Contact us at 773.256.0739 or if you have any questions.